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Sculpture assisted Familiprix in the revamp of its digital marketing strategy and brand identity on social media.

This partnership injected fresh energy into the iconic Quebec-based banner, with over 45 years of history and 400 branches. Familiprix's objective is to support its online clientele by fostering kindness and well-being on a daily basis, while returning to the fundamental purpose of a pharmacy: health.

01. Strategy
02. Creation
03. Production
04. Rollout
05. Reach



From the start, we approached family life with humour, demystifying sensitive and taboo subjects. We fearlessly delved into topics related to sexuality, mental health, nutrition, and environment. This approach enabled us to convert younger users by positioning ourselves as a reliable and current content source.

01. Competitive, market, and target audience analysis
02. Case studies of influential brands on social media
03. Planning of annual digital actions
04. Creation of monthly content calendars
05. Multi-platform cohesion and convergence strategy
06. Consistency between online and in-store messaging

Multiple words representing the different topics for Familiprix's social media content and blog articles. The words are written on a light blue background, and we can see the Familiprix logo.


Special attention was given to shades and colours, creating a tonal system that has become our distinctive visual signature. Through this approach, we are able to easily adapt various types of content while maintaining a harmonious visual coherence that evolves with the seasons.

01. Creation of visual and editorial guidelines, content library, and brand guide
02. Art direction with templates for visual elements, animations, and illustrations

A video mockup showing someone scrolling on Instagram on a mobile phone, where we can see different shades for Familiprix's social media content. The shades go from blue to green, to orange to red.
A mockup of multiple screenshots representing the different social media posts on Familiprix's Intagram.


We developed a clear visual structure by creating content templates that adapt to the brand's communication challenges. In order to stand out while respecting budgets, we focused on illustrative elements and easily adaptable concepts. Leveraging our existing image bank, we created interactive games, impactful taglines, and playful content to attract, convert, and retain subscribers while remaining accessible and engaging.

01. Editorial direction with templates for taglines, blog posts, and releases
02. Copywriting of captions, visual text, and keywords search (FR + EN)
03. Translation, New Brunswick localization, adaptation to diverse target audiences, and legal approval management
04. Multi-platform programming and rollout : FB, IG, LI, emails, website
05. DM management and transfer to relevant teams
06. Monitoring and response to comments

A GIF showing "expectation VS reality" social media posts from Familiprix's Instagram account.
Two images side by side, showing products found in Familiprix pharmacies. One image shows sun protection products with a tagline "Février, j'en ai mon voyage!" on a green background, and the other shows a Divacup with the tagline "No drama with the Divacup" on an orange background.
Two images side by side, showing products found in Familiprix pharmacies. One image shows a snack bag with a tagline "Snack attaque!" on a blue background, and the other shows a box of tissues with the tagline "Tissues for spring issues" on an orange background.Two images side by side, showing products found in Familiprix pharmacies. One image shows a snack bag with a tagline "Snack attaque!" on a blue background, and the other shows a box of tissues with the tagline "Tissues for spring issues" on an orange background.
A collage of different illustrations for Familiprix's Instagram account. We can see a woman hugging planet Earth, a baby, two people side by side, a woman sitting on the ground, a woman dancing, a woman meditating cross-legged, and a woman curled up on herself, brooding.
A GIF showing an Instagram carousel. The interactive post is about seasonal allergies, in green shades.


One of our major accomplishments during our mandate was the creation of a new internal department at Familiprix, specifically dedicated to digital suppliers. This structure was put in place to facilitate social media monetization through a media placement strategy developed in collaboration with partner brands in-store. This allowed the creation of blog posts with featured products and cross-platform branded campaigns.

01. Content monetization and media campaign strategy
02. Production of search engine optimized (SEO) content and paid advertising (SEM) (FR + EN)
03. Media placement and promotion
04. Advertising : Meta Business Manager, Google AdWords and Display

A collage of different makeup and skincare products found in Familiprix branches, against a yellow background.
A video showcasing SEO articles for Familiprix's website. The article is displayed on three Instagram stories on a yellow and orange background, titled "LES CHRONIQUES TOP 3 - Les meilleurs produits d'épilation à la maison"
We can see Instagram stories and posts with captions in yellow shades.


Following the implementation of the strategy, the subscriber base experienced significant growth from 1,000 to 26,000 subscribers over three years. This represents an average annual growth rate of 192%. However, beyond the numbers, this success also relies on a close collaboration with the internal team. Throughout the mandate, Sculpture adapted to the existing processes, provided about ten training sessions to employees, and offered personalized support to share our knowledge. This approach has promoted team autonomy, ensuring the brand's online sustainability and coherence.

01. Performance assessment and quarterly strategy updates

A GIF of a yellow graphic showing the Instagram growth over 3 years. We can read "+400 content pieces" and "+10 training sessions".
A mockup of 3 French SEO articles and their English translation for Familiprix's website on an orange background. To the left, we can read "Research, copywriting, SEO structure, translation, SEM promotion, statistical tracking" and "Recherche, rédaction, structure SEO, traduction, promotion SEM, suivi statistique"
An illustration for Familiprix's social media feeds of people dancing, jumping around and sitting on planet Earth, representing the ecological efforts of the banner.


We leveraged the expertise of various spokespersons affiliated with Familiprix by creating informative segments through IG takeovers, while also encouraging user-generated content (UGC). Among our partners, author and nutritionist Hubert Cormier provided insightful answers to users’ questions regarding nutrition.

01. Engagement with subscribers and online content creators

A mockup of screenshots of influencer and nutritionist Hubert Cormier's Familiprix's Instagram takeover.
An illustration of two women dancing around, in the shades of red.


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented several PR challenges in the health industry. Many people turned to pharmacies to seek reassurance. Our goal was to communicate public health guidelines and, most importantly, to show kindness in the face of widespread anxiety. As part of the "Ça va bien aller" (Everything will be OK) movement, we specifically invited children to colour a drawing and display the result in their home windows. This initiative generated UGC to spread a positive and unifying message during this difficult period. Many influencers also joined us, demonstrating their support for our initiative.

01. News to share (PR)

A screenshot of a Grenier aux nouvelles article about Familiprix's "Ça va bien aller" campaign during COVID-19.
A montage of children and influencers Instagram stories for Familiprix's "Ça va bien aller" campaign during COVID-19.
An illustration of a family composed of a dad, a mom and two young children, in yellow and red colours.
A collage of multiple Familiprix's Instagram posts in blue, green, orange, and red shades.


Nadège Dionne-Tremblay: Art Direction & Marketing Strategy
Karim Marier-El Khayat: Copywriting & Marketing Strategy

With the contribution of: Audrey-Ann Maillé, Lucie Renou, Kate Bernard and Sebastien Dorion.


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